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Directions from North Bay:

Take US-101 S toward SAN FRANCISCO (via Golden Gate Bridge). Turn right onto Van Ness/ US-101. Turn left onto Bush St. Turn right onto Montgomery St. Turn sharp left onto Market St. Take the 1st right onto 2nd St.  28 2ND ST is on the right.

Directions from South Bay:

Take US-101 N toward SAN FRANCISCO. Take I-80 E toward BAY BRIDGE / OAKLAND / SEVENTH ST/ US-101 N. Take the FOURTH STexit toward EMBARCADERO. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto BRYANT ST. Take the 2nd left onto 2nd St. 28 2ND ST is on the left.

Directions from East Bay:

Merge onto I-80 W toward SAN FRANCISCO (via Bay Bridge). Take the FREMONT ST exit. Turn LEFT onto FREMONT ST. Take the 1st left onto Howard St. Turn right onto 2nd St. 28 2ND ST is on the left.